7 thoughts on “Big List of Queer Frock Flicks for Pride Month!

  1. One month, than all the major corporations will drop us like hot potatoes! It warms my heart, that major films and Tv shows are getting the message about LGBTQA+ inclusion, except for Bridgerton, and Disney!

    1. Renegade Nell is on Disney, so that’s a smidge of progress. And Queen Charlotte (part of Bridgerton) had a gay storyline, while the main Bridgerton story has only hinted at it.

      1. Renegade Nell is better representation than Goddamn Lefou in the B&TB remake, I’ll take baby steps toward’s progress! Even Lefou was better than Dumbledore in Crimes of Grindlewald! That TERF lady could’ve written anything! It would’ve been interesting to explore the Wizarding World’s views on Gay relationships!

        1. Yeah had to give up on the whole HP world bec. of her crap (tho I wasn’t impressed by Fantastic Beasts so it wasn’t a huge loss — her stuff dwindled off after a while, hah).

  2. What frock flick produced the image at the top of this post? (The one with the two young women with their hands on each other’s backs)

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