6 thoughts on “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story (2023)

  1. She’s giving that gown a good hoick. And the bodice and gown look as if they’re in one piece in those pics, which of course they weren’t.
    But I’ve relegated this and the other series to Regencyland, where everybody is happy, and polyester is the fabric of the day.

  2. Hello! I just recently discovered this blog and have been enjoying it so far! I love to learn about historical costumes and there are many time periods I don’t know much about (especially the 16th and 17th century)!

    I also would like to recommend you a series that might interest you! Perhaps you’ve seen or at least heard about an animated short film (or pilot episode, since they wish to continue the project) called Lackadaisy. It is based on a web comic and sets in the year 1927. The author of the comic, Tracy Butler has done a lot of research regarding the era and so far, I’ve noticed only few inaccuracies. There are times when some characters aren’t wearing a hat even though they probably should, but I’d say that most of the times the odd costume choices feel reasonable.

    I should probably also mention that they’re all anthropomorphical cats but that’s more of a stylistic choice that doesn’t really affect the story. I know it’s not what you usualy cover here but I just wanted to mention it, in case you’re interested in to at least check out the animated episode on YouTube!

  3. I was extremely annoyed by the scene in the first episode where young Charlotte complains about her corset (apparently in Bridgerton world, corsets aren’t just restrictive, they’re weapon-grade!) and “ridiculous” gown. Considering that the older Queen Charlotte was quite an influencer in real life, not to mention how fabulously ornate in an intentional, armored way she is in the fictional world of Bridgerton, wouldn’t it make more sense to establish the younger version of the character as somebody who cares a lot about fashion and self-presentation? It seems almost like it’s a contractual obligation to include a scene where the heroine trashes historical fashion in period drama, whether it makes sense for the plot or not!

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