7 thoughts on “TBT: Salome’s Last Dance (1988)

  1. This film is one of my guilty pleasures and is often onboard for me as a background sewing film. It’s deliciously tacky and over-the-top, with the brilliant text of the actual play riding herd over the madness. I’m delighted to see you mention it!

  2. This is one of my FAVORITE movies in the entire world. It is weird and it is WEIRD and I wrote so many essays on it as a gesamtkunstwerk in college

  3. Actually, you have that Guardian story garbled– Imogen Millais-Scott didn’t lose a daughter and become friends with the woman who received her daughter’s organs.

    Nicholas Battle lost his daughter Lucy and donated her organs, and Imogen (then 33) was on an NHS list and randomly received Lucy’s kidneys and pancreas, which caused her diabetes to abate and she recovered her sight. She reached out and contacted Nicholas and they remained friends.

    At the time of the article, she said she was considering returning to acting. Apparently it didn’t happen, but hopefully she’s stayed well and has continued a normal life.

    As for SALOME’S LAST DANCE, like nearly everyone who saw it, I saw it on VHS, as a rental back when it first hit video. It was produced by Vestron Video as part of a picture deal with Russell (which included LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM), and only had a limited theatrical run.

    As much as I loved Ken Russell and adored Glenda Jackson (WOMEN IN LOVE is one of my all-time favorite films), about the only thing I recall of the film– other than that the actor playing Bosie/John the Baptist was a dead ringer for a friend of mine, also an actor– is Imogen Millais-Scott. I’d heard at the time of release about her eyesight problems, which added to the impression her appearance made (she’s also strangely like the albino hermaphrodite in FELLINI: SATYRICON).

    I can no longer find it online, but I once encountered in a Google Image search a photo of an elaborate detailed tattoo had received of her in this role. Obviously, she had fans.

  4. I saw this movie in the 1990s, loved it, and have always felt it would make an interesting double bill with Theatre of Blood (1973) It may also have influenced my Hallowe’en costumes for a couple of years.

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