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Frock Flicks is dedicated to historical costume in movies and TV. Our podcast has been going since 2007, garnering positive reviews on iTunes and elsewhere, and our website and social media presence have become the place to cheer and vent about historical costumes on screen.

We reach a lively audience of historical reenactors, costume historians, movie fans, TV binge-watchers, and other period-film enthusiasts who are active on our blog, Facebook page, and Twitter stream. Do you want to connect your products and services with this unique community? This site receives an average of 175,000 unique pageviews per month in our targeted niche. Advertise on Frock Flicks and get your message heard through banner ads, sponsored blog posts, sponsored podcasts, and more.


Advertising Options

Advertise on the website — Get steady ad placement in the right sidebar of every webpage seen. If you have a standard ad (300 pixels wide, up to 200 pixels high), we can rotate it in on a monthly basis. You can even ensure top placement in the right sidebar among all current ads for prime visibility. We can even hand-code your ad (but measure it with a tracking URL), so it won’t be hidden by ad-blocking software. Your business should be seen by all browsers!


Sponsor a blog post — We write theme posts such as Man Candy Monday and Throwback Thursday most weeks about different costume movie topics. Sponsor one of our regular posts or talk with us about a specific themed post, and your business will be included in the blog post with one link at the top of the article and one at the bottom, plus your business will be linked on our Facebook post promoting this blog post, which garners additional traffic. Perfect for timely topics, seasonal deals, special events, and any time you want an extra shot in the arm of attention.


Sponsor a podcast — We will mention your business at the start, midpoint, and end of the podcast with pre-approved (but bound to be ad-libbed) ad copy. May be spoken by any one or all of the Frock Flick gals. This is the best option because it will live forever, to be downloaded and replayed for all of eternity! We recommend evergreen ad copy, not mentioning seasonal topics, but the overall appeal of your amazing products, services, or content.


Let’s Talk

We’d love to chat with you about specific opportunities to work together. Ask us for your personalized rate packages, starting as low as $25 per month. We can work with business of all sizes, small and large, and let us know if you want to combine advertising and cross-promotional opportunities.

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