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  1. For me Dame Glenda will always be Elizabeth Gloriana. Not only her performance set the standard, it’s Platinum.
    Her Sarah Bernhardt was a bit camp. But maybe Sarah was a bit camp. After all, Ms Bernhardt kept a cheetah or ocelot.

    1. And where can I watch this. It would be something to compare with Ms Thompson’s Margaret.

  2. I am totally a signed up member of the Glenda Jackson fan club. I watched her Elizabeth as a little kid, the very first thing i ever saw on tv ( what can I say…my parents were hippies, we went to grans to watch it), and i have never forgotten it. She set a pretty high bar for actresses for me for the rest of my life…..Did you know she was the original stage Sally Bowles in Caberet, but was deemed “not pretty enough” for the film version? Wouldnt that have been a show to catch? Or that she retired from acting to become an outspoken left-wing local member of parliament, regularly re-elected by an increasing margin becasue of her hard work and activism? One talented and strong woman – Good Queen Bess would have approved ( although possibly not of the socialism part).

    1. Jill Haworth was the original Sally Bowles on Broadway, and Judi Dench played the role in the original London cast. Glenda Jackson is not listed in the cast of any production from the original to the most recent revival.

      1. Sorry – there was a program on Cabaret on public radio here is Sydney recently, and she was mentioned as playing her in one of the stage productions. Must have been an error…..would have been great to see, none the less!

  3. I would love to see Ms. Jackson / Maude somehow manage to get a rug on her head like in the photo of The Rt. Hon. Frederick Edwin Smith, 1st Earl of Birkenhead, that appears in the Wikipedia page of Birkenhead, her birthplace.

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