19 thoughts on “Frock Flicks Free-for-All January

  1. I’m still wondering exactly how Starz will manage to Fuck Up Eleanor of Aquitaine and Alison Weir’s writing in general! The Mary and George show looks decent, lack of hats notwithstanding! Can’t wait for the premiere of Firebrand in May or June!

    1. If Starz can fuck it up, they will ;)

      But I hope Mary & George is decent just bec. it’s a period that’s not done as much, plus one I enjoy.

      Also excited about Firebrand, at least the costumes will be good.

  2. I watched half of the first season of The Gilded Age last year, and decided it was a little too silly for my taste. But the costumes I’m seeing for the second season are so pretty (mostly) that I’m considering giving it another try

  3. I had a movie night with my parents and screened for them one of my faves–Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. Ciaran Hinds is soooo dashing and dreamy in that movie that I was FINALLY motivated to watch the 1995 version of Persuasion. (I’ve been in love with Ciaran Hinds forever–since Road to Perdition, I think?–and Persuasion is my favorite Jane Austen novel. So, really, I’m baffled that I delayed watching this movie for so long.)

    Anyway, I have sooooo many feelings about it!! Ciaran was soooo handsome, of course. All the actors were amazing. This version of Persuasion might be the most faithful JA adaptation I’ve seen. Even so, I just wish it had been more cinematic–more lighting, more makeup, more “movie”. I feel that in the filmmakers’ desire to be authentic, they made the world of Persuasion seem drab. But maybe I’m just dragging on 90s lighting standards?? I will re-watch, sooner rather than later. Seeing the movie caused me to reread the novel which is, of course, a delight of the highest order!!

    1. Hinds is also the best Mr. Rochester, ever; even Charlotte B. would approve. But the idea of Starz doing Eleanor of Aquitaine worries me a great deal.

  4. Ooooh, M.E., I forgot that he starred in a version of Jane Eyre. I haven’t seen that one either. Looks like January might turn into a Ciaran Hinds fest! Re Jane Eyre: I LOVE that book. The only filmed version I’ve seen is the 2011 one starring Michael Fassbender as Rochester and Mia Wasikowska as Jane Eyre. That version is VERY good, the score to the film is one of my all-time faves!!!

  5. Team Frock Flick: I tried twice to leave a comment about Valeria Golino, and got this response both times: “Nonce verification failed.” What does this mean?

    1. Huh, this comment came thru. So I’m guessing it was a temporary thing w/our firewall (we had to upgrade site security due to a massive hacking incident last year). Logging in thru different devices & different IPs can have different experiences…

      1. I also randomly get that comment as well when I login from my same ol’, same ol’ computer. I just shrug after two attempts and hope that the next time I feel moved to leave a comment that I am able.

  6. Who’s dreading Hallmark’s tribute to Pride and Prejudice, and Sense and Sensibility! A black S&S sounds interesting, at least?! The amount of Beachy waves in A Biltmore Christmas made my eyes twitch! Not that I was expecting much from Hallmark!

    1. Wait— there’s going to be hallmark Austen adaptions? Frock flick adaptions? Not pride prejudice and mistletoe or sense sensibility and snowmen? I’m intrigued. Not getting my hopes up, but intrigued. I remember the hallmark version of Secret Garden …. But that was before the great Christmas rom-comification of Hallmark movies.

    2. OMG, I had to look this up! I’m simultaneously horrified and fascinated by Hallmark’s concept of “Loveuary with Jane Austen.” Jesus H. Christ. I will say this, I’m glad that three of four original premiers are Jane Austen-inspired rather than JA adaptations. The Hallmark Mahogany version of Sense and Sensibility seems like it will be worth a watch. One good thing is that they are hosting a companion book club for two novels–Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. Regardless of how good or bad adaptations and inspirations may be, one can NEVER go wrong reading the original source materials.

      As per Hallmark’s previous offerings–Sense and Sensibility & Snowmen and Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe–I have no words. I only learned of their existence today, and I think I might be scarred from now until next Christmas.

  7. I just binged all of season four of All Creatures Great and Small on PBS Passport and it made me so happy! I wish other costume dramas were as funny and heartwarming.

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