9 thoughts on “Crappy Costumes, Sweet Story in The Scandalous Four (2011)

  1. Such arrangements may have been more common than we think, but usually the couple produced an heir and maybe a spare before indulging themselves. Of course the boring rich guy might be fine with the gardener siring his heir.

  2. In spite of or because of. Had never heard of this but I’m looking forward to watching it now!

  3. The costumes look ashamedly bad😓Even rentals would sell prettier costumes
    Not that costumes affect the worthiness of the screenplay,but they do contribute to the feel of the show along with production design and cinematography.I don’t know why filmmakers,especially the ones with sufficient budget don’t realize this,as it hurts when such good actors and good storylines are accentuated by below par technical aspects.
    It looks weird at best,egregiously horrible and irresponsible at worst.

  4. I couldn’t get past the dude’s boots. Did they pick them up at some women’s resale shop?

  5. The photos are just looking like a theater-project of a high School with cheap second hand costumes. Are you sure that there was a director of the film at all? Just check how the actors are standing on the wedding-photo, when the couple is leaving the church.

  6. I randomly came across this too while looking for costume flicks and had a reaction of “What horrendous costumes” and I don’t even do Regency,and then I was like “Wow!” when the relationships began to get interesting.Entertaining.

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