5 thoughts on “Art and Love With Frida (2002)

  1. I must admit that I’ve only seen this movie once, when it was first released on cable television. And if I must be honest, I found it surprisingly fascinating. I believe Salma Heyek received an Oscar nomination for her performance.

  2. I have always been fascinated by Frida; her art, her life, her passions. The recreations of paintings and moments from photographs are stunning, and I loved that they did not try to make the biopic into some schmaltzy trope-fest. Hayek should have won as Oscar for this, especially considering that the winner was Nicole Kidman for The Hours. Her performance as Virginia Wolf didn’t hold a candle to Hayek’s.

  3. I love this movie. The powerful imagery of Frida’s art is potrayed fabulously, intertwining each piece with the plot and the emotions & turmoil Frida was experiencing. The bus crash scene in particular is a real feast for the eyes, showing a perfect balance between the beautiful & calming (the birds and the gold) and the shocking & sickening (the blood and the rod). Julie Taymor’s work has always been best when the substance lives up to the style and Frida does not disappoint in this regard.

  4. When we now know what Hayek went through to get this made, with the stories of how Weinstein treated her and tried to sabotage Hayek’s vision, it’s all the more amazing that Hayek was able to get this film made and give us her vision without too much capitulation.

    1. Yes, He placed nearly impossible demands on her and capped it off with insisting on a more explicit sex scene with Judd.

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