20 thoughts on “Podcast: The Favourite (2018)

  1. You’re back! And it was a treat to listen to! And truly really, all hairs are UP?! My oh my, what is the Hairpin Allotment inspector gonna say? Will there be a fine for extreme combing? And yes, those male wigs do it for shorties… Louis XIV was one, after all.

  2. ‘Draughtman’s Contract’. That would be ‘Draught’ as in DRAFT. Not….the other thing.


  3. Am probably going tomorrow. Such bliss–Olivia, Rachel and Emily in one movie, and with good costumes! By the way, Anne became queen in 1702, and thus was a (very early) 18th-century monarch.

    1. Haven’t heard yet, but I’m guessing so. It really seems to vary! I thought it’d play longer here in the San Francisco Bay Area — a relatively major market — but we only had one week.

  4. I enjoyed the film. I have quibbles about some of the dialogue and plot points and I agree that the ending of was a let-down. Also the servant girls wearing recycled denim was interesting from a design standpoint but distracting visually.

    Snarking Mary, Queen of Shit is going to get me through the new year.

    1. I dunno – I knew it was denim but it didn’t look super denim-y to me, not like the vinyl looked in closeups (like the chokers!). Also, not how mega denim-y the denim looks even from far away in the the MQoS flick, barf.

  5. Lucy Worsley has both a book and a documentary series called “If Walls Could Talk: An Intimate Series of the Home” that I believe talks about what you were talking about in regards to how the spaces people lived in reflected the era. I just purchased it recently and am looking forward to cracking it open over the holidays!

  6. Interesting movie, but I didn’t care for the ending. I read somewhere that the costumes were not exactly accurate. The print or material was wrong.

    1. I’ve seen that sentiment echoed a lot re these costumes, but I think that was a deliberate (director made) design choice. Even though the colors and fabrics may not have been right, I was really impressed by the, as far as I could tell, accurate silhouettes.

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