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  1. Oooh, I just saw the lead actress in a German tv production of “A Dangerous Fortune” written by Ken Follett. She was grand in it- her resting bitch face is epic. I’ll check this one out

  2. Why is it you like the missing stays in that one outfit? I’m more familiar with corset-less complaints here.

    1. Oh, because she was specifically asked by Mesmer to dress simply, so it made sense within the plot. Sorry, I didn’t explain that well!

  3. Oh I am so honoured to see mentioning a film from my own country (Austria) here on my new favourite Website. I saw the film almost a year ago at a small cinema in Vienna and was fascinated by the main actress and her ability to play the blindness that well. It was really a good entertaining and I loved the Feeling for the era with the set and the costumes <3

    1. I saw this film and think that for a German language film the costumes are quiet good (there is many bad stuff in Television for a decade). Most importantly no stupid looking aristocrats. What I didn’t like is that many suits don’t fit the actors, which should be from the high Society and would not wear second hand clothing. What I really dislike are all those completely wrong waistcoats like these on Monsieur Paradis. Should they be long or shout they be short? I have the Impression that the designer didn’t know. The length would be OK, if there would be some laps.
      If I remember it right some working class clothes were just completely wrong.

      Although the costumes are not really good, the film is good because most actors did remarkably well.

      I wonder that you didn’t mentioned the 2 parts TV-film “Maria Theresia” which had run on arte. Many stuff to discuss about. Although I think that there is much wrong there, at last the actresses are wearing corsets and Marie-Luise Stockinger did a good Job – although she is maybe looking too beautiful for the historical queen.

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