6 thoughts on “Another Period Mocks Historical Costume Drama

  1. Looking forward to this. Edwardian. Hmmm. Reminds me of my youth in London when the “Teddy Boy’ was all the rage. Young punks in velvet-collared jackets, skinny ‘drainpipe’ trousers, longish hair — and a straight razor!

  2. Oh no! Glad you are enjoying the show, but sorry we ruffled feathers with the costumes! With a small budget and three days to shoot each episode, I decided it would be better to approach the “design” with a theatrical flair and make the costumes an inside joke for fellow costumers and costume historians. Sorry that doesn’t read! I learned a lot designing this show, especially that sketch comedians will write until the camera rolls ( and sometimes after) and that “corsets are bad for comedy” in the words of one of our producers! And it’s funny that you thought “Hortense’s” one and only dress is “vaguely Victorian” because it’s the only genuine piece in the whole mix! But you are right, if people are watching for historical accuracy then they are dummer than the Bellacourts! Hope you keep watching!

    1. No feathers ruffled at all! I’m actually impressed at how accurate some of the costumes are — and historical or not, each style works really well for each character (Hortense’s outfit makes her look dumpy, but that really suits her as the ignored sister :) ). The costumes can definitely help make the jokes work. I’m loving THE HELL out of this series, & so is every fan of historical drams I’ve heard from. We really really needed this! Thank you!

      (PS: Random thing I love seeing, so many petticoats! that’s so good, so right! We’ve all been complaining how the BBC/PBS series Poldark, set in the 18th-c., seems to be missing a petticoat for every woman. But when the ladies on Another Period flip their skirts up, petticoats. Yay!)

  3. Yay! Petticoats!! Glad you have such an awesome sense of humor! I am so glad someone sent me a link to your page. I’m now following it and just read your most recent post on the Poldark ladies. This is such a great forum!

    1. Thanks! We try to ride the line between taking the costumes seriously & poking fun — we love history & historical accuracy, but we know that every screen production has a different POV.

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