7 thoughts on “18th-Century Quest: The Night and the Moment

  1. Much as I love Lena Olin, who more often than not seems to act in very few clothes, I think I’ll pass Seems to be rather an older film. Dafoe reminds me of the evil faery in Jonathan Strange.

    1. Very much so regarding Dafoe. And when are we going to get an analysis of the costumes in Strange?

  2. *Shudder* There’s something creepily skull-like about Willem’s face. I just can’t imagine that coming at me during a romantic embrace. (Sorry Willem) From now on though I can only imagine him as the scarred angel-fish from Finding Nemo.
    Oh, and I loathed Valmont. What was up with Colin Firth’s teeth??! The feel of the whole film was just ‘off’ for me. It attempted to be too light, but the subject isn’t light at all. It fell so flat. Dangerous Liaisons cannot be beat. Ever.

  3. Has anyone heard of Catherine (2014), a russian tv miniseries?

    “It tells the story of princess Sophie Friederike Auguste who later came to power and become Empress of Russia following a coup d’état and the assassination of her husband, Peter III. Russia was revitalized under her reign, growing larger and stronger than ever and becoming recognized as one of the great powers of Europe.”

    I’ve watched seven episodes and i found them very good. Though i haven’t been able to find subtitles for the whole series (you can find the twelve episodes in some sites), someone in youtube has been uploading HD chapters with english subtitles. If you guys are interested here are some links:




  4. Is the suede suit supposed to be buckskin? Buckskin breeches were a thing, but I dont know about whole suits, unless one was home from a visit to canada and had brought a fur trappers costume back as a souvenir.

  5. Olin has a long history in film going back to her Swedish roots in “The Unbearable Lightness of Being.” My fave of hers is “Romeo Must Die,” which isn’t a period piece, but she chews up a storm in it.

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