19 thoughts on “Top 10 Historical Costume Movie Sex Scenes

  1. Let us not forget Dracula (where Winona Ryder is having sex with an invisible Dracula) And Dangerous Liasons with Uma Thurman and John Malcovich!

    1. I ruled out Dracula because they only make out, they don’t actually get down to business! Dangerous Liaisons IS great, although I wish we got to see the Whole Enchilada.

  2. Yes to all of those! And dear Lord, how have I missed Sean Bean in Lady Chatterly all these years?!

    Not period movies but as far as period tv shows goes Rome has some hella hot stuff going on. And yet another reason to love The Borgias is watching all the hotness like this:


      And I suck, because I just don’t find the-actor-who-played-Cesare hot in The Borgias, so it didn’t do it for me!

  3. The guy/guy scene in the BBC miniseries Lilies is seriously hawt. It always has me panting a little. It helps that there is a despirate, forbidden romance. Plus they are sailors.

    I also love the scene in Topsy-Turvy when Sullivan and his lady friend are at the piano, and when the song ends they fling themselves kissing onto a sofa. Button boots and ruffles flying into the air! It’s brief but the suddenness is a thrill.

  4. harder to find because of the NC-17 rating, but “Henry & June”, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0099762/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 . The scenes between Maria de Medeiros and Fred Ward are raw hunger, and filmed like Miller’s prose. But the almost-scenes between de Medeiros and Uma Thurman are a beautiful knifepoint of sexual tension, and more like Nin’s writing. Also the 30’s costumes and hair are gorgeous! :)

  5. As I recall (from my decadent student days), there was some heavy-duty–for the time–S&M between Marlon Brando and his co-star in a prequel to “The Turn of the Screw” (“Nightcomers”), set in the 1900s, although the movie itself was not very good. Speaking of M.B., he did a fair number of costume films; has he ever starred in a FrockFlicks MCM?

  6. Yes, yes, yes to many of the films on the list. And I haven’t seen the ones I can’t say yes to. Like others, I would add The Borgias, Outlander, Rome, Dracula, and Dangerous Liaisons to the mix. I would also add Dangerous Beauty. Rufus Sewell was soo yummy (although I didn’t appreciate his yuminess until later). If we’re going for sexual tension scenes, I think we have to mention Daniel Day-Lewis and Michelle Pfeiffer’s scene in The Age of Innocence.

  7. I know this is a Necromantic Post, but I always found the tension between the leads in the 1990 Victorian Explorers in Africa movie Mountains of the Moon to be unbelievably thrilling. Is Speke (Ian Glen) about to hook up with his old (boy)friend(?) (Richard E Grant, btw) as the old friend rubs his wounded leg? Did we just catch Buron (young, hot and burly Patrick Bergin) post-coital with his old war buddy, as they smoke cheroots and sip brandy? Have Burton and Speke been shagging this whole time? Will we ever know???

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