18 thoughts on “TBT: Moll Flanders (1996)

  1. Gotta catch it for the fun of ‘I don’t care if it’s appropriate or period, I just want my tits out’.
    I saw the Robin Wright Penn version and was hugely disappointed as to the free adaptation of the novel and the meh clothes.

  2. Loved this Moll Flanders. I always envisioned Alex Kingston as Claire from Outlander. Always. The hair, the eye color, the wry wit. If her age had worked out, she would have been perfect.

    1. ^^^ I always envisioned Alex Kingston as Claire, too! She would have been perfection. Though I do love Caitriona Balfe’s portrayal of the character thus far. Alex just has such an amazing, mischievous sparkle.

      1. OMG, you’re right. Balfe is lovely, almost too much so; I don’t imagine Claire as an Audrey Hepburnesque brunette.

  3. Moll’s “pink stripey outfit” is a mantua, which you can see in the next screen shot, with the skirt pulled back. So it’s not 1760s, but more like 1690s. Yes, I loved the Alex Kingston version. Never saw the Robin Wright one, and now I’m glad. Alex can rollick with the best of them and has always had that hoyden-ish attitude.

    1. If it’s the same gown, then it’s worn with different undergarments! In the earlier scene, she has side hoops (or something to make it full over the hips) & the skirt isn’t pulled back in the mantua style. Which would be fine bec. gowns were definitely restyled over time, but it’s the going back & forth in time with fashion that’s weird.

      1. Surely there is no way they had *identical* gowns that are meant to be different. The stripes, the, well, everything, look the same at least in these pictures.

  4. I loved the hell out of this series, and I thought that her lusty Virginian sea-captain was hella hot.

    1. He is Silent Witness guy, one non-period show I watch sometimes. And I think he was a Wickham!

  5. I love this version, Alex Kingston is great! I just looked at my old DVD copy, it was a Masterpiece Theater production. I love Daniel Craig too, I didn’t realize he was in it. I will have to watch this again.

  6. I have been meaning to see this for AGES. I Lurv Alex Kingston – so feisty, so mischievous but utterly charming! There definitely seem to be some WUT costume moments going on, but lots of pretty nonetheless. Thanks for reminding me that I need to make seeing this a priority!

  7. actually had no idea there was an american version, i actually watched it because i was a huge fan of kingston at the time – but it subsequently led me to the book, which i enjoyed greatly

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