15 thoughts on “Penny Dreadful, Gothic Horror Dream Come True

  1. I love it! I was a bit afraid of it given what a mess they did out of Dracula, but PD is just marvellous. I agree that Dorian Grey looks a bit out of place- it would be better if harked back in time instead of the future, but apart from that, I love it. I hope thise new season keep it all up!

  2. The show is fantastic. I was watching with a friend, and we often tell male characters to kiss each other- so when it finally happened we catapulted off the couch with glee. I’m pretty sure a plate of brownies fell to the floor. The costumes are incredible, and Eva Green’s performance blew me away. I too found Grey’s outfits to be very reminiscent of some posh 70s nightclub, but the rest of the work is so detailed and period appropriate that it didn’t bother me. Can’t wait for season two!

  3. My Irish friends tell me that Billie Piper was producing a very creditable Belfast accent. It sounds totally wrong to American ears trained to believe Dublin is the only real Irish accent and that only hokey leprechauns sound like they’re from County Mayo. Its grating quality is, they tell me, authentic.

    If you watch the video of the SDCC Penny Dreadful panel & listen to John Logan talk about how he chose Reeve Carney to play Dorian and the instructions he gave to Gabriella Pescucci about how to costume him, it at least EXPLAINS why his clothes don’t make sense. Short form: John Logan TOTALLY had the hots for Reeve Carney as soon as he saw him. Can’t blame him. Wish he hadn’t given costume notes.

    I spent 3.5 muslins getting a cosplay version of Victor’s waistcoat right. My best friend looked AMAZING.

  4. In the second season Billy Piper shows up with short hair and appears wearing a weird post sex style shirt, wearing like it were a proper victorian nightgown…That wtf me but I love the show despite its slips and the supposed “irresistible man” Dorian Grey should look like but instead, they change for a pimp style boy who looks like he’s 18.

  5. I came across the tv series quite by accident. Seeing how I don’t have cable or satellite at home, I usually make due by borrow movies fromt he library. I found Season One and was hooked from the very first episode. Took us a week to watch the whole Season. When I learned that Season 2 had just finished on Showtime and Season 3 had just been signed for next year. I cant wait to see them. I enjoy a lot of “time” pieces such as this, so it was right up my alley. Thanks for the write up on the show, very well done.

    1. Part deux. Looking at the costume pics, I just realised what it reminded me of — Dark Shadows! A more expensive, sophisticated version, but the same feel and use of classic horror themes.

  6. Is young Vanessa’s blue day-dress the same pattern as May Welland’s “almost breakup with Newland” pink/white ensemble in The Age of Innocence?

  7. Dude that is totally lilac not pink. Also Vanessa’s dress is more champagne than cream, especially in that material. Thank you Rikibeth for pointing out that Billie’s accent is on point. We’re not all leprechauns ya know.

  8. Recently binge-watched the whole series on Netflix. Eva Green jusr burns yup the screen with her intensity. I just wish she didn’t smoke!

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