4 thoughts on “(Reboot) Doctor Who Historical Costumes, Part II

  1. You forgot about “The Idiot’s Lantern”? 1953 London. Nice article otherwise, you’re so right about Rosita.

  2. I love, love the historical and “historical” costumes during David Tennant’s tenure. Well, everything about the David Tennant era was great for me :) So much variety in costumes and colorful and exciting. Thanks for the rundown. While I’ve done several of these already, you gave me some more ideas for future cosplays. Mercy Hartigan’s gown is drool worthy. BTW, Felicity Jones who played Robina Redmond was the lead in Northanger Abbey and went on to star in Rogue One and various other historical movies. She’s awesome.

  3. Regarding Rosita in “The Next Doctor”- I dont know if this will in any way excuse that outfit, but it is implied in the episode that she’s a prostitue. At one point Miss Hartigan tells her “I doubt he pays you to talk”. So maybe thats why she’s dressed like that.

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