5 thoughts on “Badass Babe: Helen McCrory

    How do you think that makes someone who can give you 20 years feel?

  2. I love her as Polly in Peaky Blinders. She’s very complicated. Violent and tempermental, but surviving as a woman in a place and a society that eats the weak. I love her in this. At times she is downright heartbreaking.

  3. Ooh,I can’t wait for you to get around to Penny Dreadful. The costuming suffers from that tug-of-war between accuracy and Character Interpretation For Modern Viewers that so many TV shows fall into, and Dorian Gray is an especially egregious offender there (FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PUT ON A CRAVAT) but Gabriella Pescucci did the costumes so there’s some interesting stuff going on. Plus it’s absolute crack for fans of the genre. And well-balanced in gender terms. And HOO BOY MAN CANDY. I thoroughly recommend it.

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