6 thoughts on “Shakespeare Squared: Bill & Upstart Crow

  1. Can i recommended that you watch the whole of Upstart Crow as it got a lot funnier later in tbe series. Yes it is rather Blackadder but it settles into a good pace as the episodes go on.

  2. I laughed a lot watching Upstart Crow. I’m happy that they announced a second series.

  3. I had forgotten about Upstart Crow. I must hunt it down. Thanks for bringing it back to attention.

  4. It’s unfortunate the guys from Horrible Histories aren’t spot on with the costumes. I know their budget is probably tiny, but I’d hoped for more from them. Heck, I’d love to hear your take on the accuracy of clothing in any of their typical Horrible History episodes! That being said, Horrible Histories is hilarious, and it often uses modern forms and song styles to teach history. Look up their awesome version of Charles Dickens singing like Morrissey/The Smiths or the heavy metal Luddite song [Lud-dite! Lud-dite! Lud-dite!!]…

  5. I loved Upstart Crow. And up, it is a bit like Blackadder because it was also written by Ben Elton. It grew and accumulated and got funnier. And requires watching in the old fashioned way. I have gotten into the habit of having my tablet open and messing about online while things are on, and it doesn’t work – it’s too smart and too fast.

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