8 thoughts on “Why Biggins Are Always “Unfortunate Bigginses”

  1. You can thank unfortunate biggins for bringing me to your site in the first place. I was googling to try to find out what the heck the Freys from Game of Thrones were wearing on their heads, and surprise!, here you are. The discovery was not unfortunate for me, I’ve learned a lot from your site since then (and yes, donated and bought swag). :-)

  2. I hesitate to quibble with the queens of snark (and costumey know-how), but weren’t coifs quite commonly worn as indoor hats? I mean, they weren’t always just under-hats, as it were?

  3. This reminds me that the ENTIRE Frey family in Game of Thrones wears these caps and they all look stupid- on purpose of course.

  4. Nick Offerman rocks a shaggy bob wig and biggin in The Little Hours. I don’t even have to watch the rest of the movie – my week is made!

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