5 thoughts on “18th-Century Quest: The Madness of King George (1994)

  1. The sad thing though it never received an Oscar nomination for its costume design but the Baftas saw fit to nominate it.

  2. Nobody, BUT NOBODY — does period dress like you British. I have an M.A. in Theatre with a specialty in costume design and construction from one of America’s great universities. One of our instructors was British.

    You British are such a breath of fresh air in a film/theatre world corrupted by American commercialism. Fourteenth century men’s haircuts is a case in point. No one but you wonderful British would stick to such woefully unattractive hair in films and theatre. I remember handsome film actor Tyrone Power in a film obviously shot in Britain.

    His haircut looked as if a bowl had been put on his head and the hair cut around it — marvelous authenticity but so satisfying to someone like me, with an historical viewpoint! I salute you!

    Thank you, than you, thank you!

  3. I don’t remember much from the movie except that Nigel Hawthorne was TERRIFIC. I will follow your advice to revisit it.

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