6 thoughts on “The Virgin Queen (2005)

  1. This mini-series is “my” Elizabeth, since i’m too young to have seen Elizabeth R originally. I remember watching this past my bedtime feeling very naughty.

    Even after I re-watched it a few months ago I was really surprised at how great it was. Anne-Marie Duff is amazing, and so is the aging process. I just wish it was more than 5 episodes long!

  2. I have to admit, guiltily, that I love the first “Elizabeth” with Cate Blanchett. It is so over the top, it’s like it was designed by Pageant Queens. There is definitely an Italian influence on all the Ladies-in- Waiting, which I love. And poisoned dress, it makes me hoot every time!

  3. I also have watched this mini-series a hundred times, Ann Marie Duff in my opinion is the best Queen Elizabeth on film, even better than Kate Blanchette, and Tom Hardy is a demi God. I love this show, please do some more, loved it

    1. I’m totally with you on Tom Hardy! I’d say Cate Blanchett just barely edges out Anne-Marie Duff for me as Elizabeth, but I agree that Duff’s performance in this is really great!

  4. Tom Hardy does my favorite version of Robert Dudley. This was a pretty good series; my favorite episode was the conflict with the Spanish Armada…

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