12 thoughts on “Helena Bonham Carter: The Historical Costume Movies

  1. I saw Dark Shadows, & it sucked, not you, Kendra! I’m saying that as a fan of the original TV show, Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, & HBC. That movie was a total waste of everybody’s time & talent.

    I also disliked Great Expectations, I thot HBC kind of chewed the scenery with Miss Havisham a bit too much. Then again, I hate Charles Dickens bec. (among other things) he writes crappy female characters, so it’s not like she had a lot to work with. I’d wear the outfit tho.

  2. Phew, glad to hear I don’t HAVE to go watch Dark Shadows. Just sounds like The Addams Family update, minus Wednesday burning her blonde nemesis at the stake.

    I don’t hate Dickens for his crappy female characters, but I find it hard to get excited. I saw the HBC Great Expectations but I don’t really remember too much about it! I do like the costumes, tho. The stuff on Holliday Grainger as Estella remind me very much of the Reese Witherspoon Vanity Fair.

    1. Oh & I forgot to mention. *I’ve* had dibs on that Wings of the Dove stripey suit for, like, a hundred years! There will be an EPIC SMACKDOWN in our podcast.

  3. I know it is difficult, but Hamlet was surprisingly good. I don’t like him either, but I like Shakespeare, and I LOVE Helena. Her performance is outstanding and his doesn’t suck (unlike a certain Romeo who makes watching that version so very very painful). I encourage you to watch it, and then have one of your favorite movies as a chaser.

    1. I LOVED Mel Gibson’s Hamlet! It helped that I discovered it as an angsty goth teenager, so I was totally primed for the angsty, tortured scenery chewing. Loved the costumes, too. Glen Close has some fabulous gowns, and even HBC’s Ophelia gets some pretty outfits before she dives into madness. Also, she is great in the role. Absolutely perfectly cast!

    1. That was one of my “should I include this?” questionable ones… and I admit, the one where I said, “fuck it, I’m done!”

  4. I don’t know if anyone has watched this,but one of her first movies was A Hazard of Hearts.It’s based on a novel set in the Regency era and she looks lovely.

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