12 thoughts on “Lady Jane (1986)

  1. Been a very long time since I have watch this. Like 20 years ago. Might have to watch it for the costumes.

  2. Sue Blane and David Perry were senior wardrobe staff at the RSC when I worked there – David mainly supervised the men’s department, Sue was over all. They worked with Trevor Nunn when he was in charge there. Sara Kestelman and many of the rest of the cast were also at the RSC when I was – weren’t they lucky!

  3. LOVED this movie passionately. Watched it a few years ago and it struck me as….melodramatic? Just a tad. Probably all the swelling choruses of angels during certain moments. I’d love for you to podcast this – I always thought poor baby Helena looked like she was playing dress up in her mother’s clothes.

  4. The movie had me at the scene where Patrick Stewart is interacting with his two gorgeous Irish Wolfhounds in the presence of Lady Frances and Northumberland, right before they spring the marriage proposal on Jane. But the rest of the movie is quite compelling, and so sad.

  5. I fell in love with Lady Jane Grey because of this film and proceeded to devour every book about her I could find. Thank you for recapping.

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