16 thoughts on “Iconic Historical Movie Costumes of the 2010s

      1. Per the description, these are historical movie and TV costumes that best represent the decade they were produced in. So kind of famous, at least within the frock flicks watching crowd helps.

  1. I loved some uniforms and some Just-au-corps of “L’échange des princesses” from 2017. Although I did not like that the Spanish court was looking too small I loved some scenes of the movie illustrating the destiny of the poor young boy without parents…
    “Mademoiselle de Joncquières” from 2018 had a very nice style of colours and the decission to use simple silk. I loved it that the Mlle. was looking beautiful and that the audience could understand why the Marquis was so much in love with her. Great Cécile de France by the way – always elegant…

  2. I mean…War & Peace lol…Spanish Princess…and Mary Queen of Scots stood out for me as my least favorite costumes as well as bad series but that’s just me…also White Queen…

  3. Of these, I’d have to go with “The Borgias,” for not only being period correct, but the exquisite execution. “Jane Eyre” for the same reason. “Wolf Hall” for using authentic pins and ties on the costumes. I do love a number of the recreations of extant clothing seen on “The Crown,” but in the case of Princess Margaret’s wedding dress, the petticoats underneath were sadly deflated compared to the real wedding dress. But bravo to them for their recreations of the two most important State gowns of the late Queen’s life: her wedding dress (reflecting her status as heir presumptive) and of course, the coronation gown. Personally, I would have included Sandy Powell’s costumes from “The Young Victoria,” although they might have missed the cutoff date. I’m impressed how many of your selections have been featured in FIDM’s exhibits of film and television nominated costumes.

    1. Agreed. (That dusty pink cocktail frock more than makes up for Margaret’s wedding petticoats.)

  4. The Miniaturist? Had some nice outfits. Many of these are in time periods I do not research, but there are a lot of good designers mentioned here. I did like Wolf Hall and Tulip Fever a great deal.

  5. I would add Murdoch mysteries, it started in 2008, still on-going, plenty of good costumes and not just uniforms :-) and it has one episode about murderous corset- it was really interesting.

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