10 thoughts on “Costume Designer Amy Roberts: The Frock Flicks Guide

  1. OMG, “Cold Comfort Farm.” It must be streaming somewhere. Especially now that we have our own woodshed.

  2. Partners In Crime is a disappointing remake of an earlier version. You could get splinters from Tommy’s acting. I wonder if Margo will include the scene where she and Rudy are dancing drunkenly down the street in (I think) Toronto, and Rudy kicks a cop. If remakes of Dracula were laid end-to-end, they’d probably get to the moon. I think it’s the most remade film, not to mention all the spinoffs, followed closely by Sherlock Holmes.

  3. PS Speaking of Tatiana Maslany, although it’s not a period piece, “Orphan Black” is a bravura performance, enhanced by brilliant costume and makeup work and stunning tech. Maslany plays over a dozen characters, and in many scenes is literally talking to herself — and herself.. Her equally talented brother, Daniel, is in a period piece — Murdoch Mysteries.

  4. A few things:


    The mention of “An Inspector Calls” led me to Kanopy.com, where I discovered that they have the version starring Alastair Sim, whom I love.

    “…frumpy post-War clothing suitable for tromping through the wet English countryside.” Ahem. That is the Queen’s favorite garb, especially the head scarf. Nonetheless, I see your point. Have been reading “Lady in Waiting” by Anne Glenconner (yes, the one who set Margaret up with Roddy in “The Crown”), which should be filmed, because it is full of fabulous costuming possibilities:

  5. Lots of good work. But I’d give partners in crime a miss in favour if the Francesca Annis version. Yes the 80 s show through but it’s a ripping yarn all the way.

  6. Carrie’s War; that set my ancient brain off. There was a ?70s version that I seem to recall was one of my favourite TV programmes when I was a child. Thanks for the memory!

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