14 thoughts on “The Dressmaker Takes Revenge to a Whole New Level

  1. I plan to see the film when it opens in my hometown of Baton Rouge. I find the premise very unique, special and beautiful. The clothes of the era are so timeless classic and gorgeous. With designers like Dior, Givenchy, Charles James, and Chanel to lead the way; how could they not be.

  2. I just saw it yesterday! The movie is definitely a lot darker than it appears in the trailers, but it was still quite enjoyable and the costumes were totally AMAZING. And Judy Davis as Tilly’s mom is awesome.

    My only gripes were a) at one point Kate’s dress gets unzipped and she wasn’t wearing a girdle underneath. I was amused at how movies and TV always seem to think nobody wore underwear throughout history, or that showing people having to remove their support-wear is too unsexy.

    b) the standard ‘glasses = ugly girl, remove glasses and now she’s pretty’ trope. So is Gertrude just walking around half-blind but fabulous now?

    Also (bit of a spoiller):

    … there’s one point where she makes costumes for a theatre group and the audience is clearly meant to be wowed by them, but I took one look at them and knew they were nothing more than imported kimono. Worn really badly, I might add. There is no way that Tilly made those. They’re 100% straight from Japan. So the impact there was kind of ruined for me. >_> I guess if you don’t know anything about kimono, they might seem impressive.

  3. I haven’t seen the film but have to wonder, where did these country people wear all these fabulous clothes to? I can’t imagine the town was a high-society hub…

    1. I live about 20 mins from where it was shot… if you have clothes that amazing, you wear them to the supermarket, the post office and yes even changing a light bulb.

  4. LOVE this movie. I was lucky enough to go and see the exhibition too – so great getting to see the garments up close. The dress at the end of your article was warn by Trudy. The shimmer on the fabric was actually painted on by the costume designers.
    (Minor typo at the start – it’s Marion Boyce, not Margo xx)

  5. Ohhhh now I’m dying to see this but it may never come to my town. . . . I hate having to wait for DVD releases!!

  6. Yeah, the grey dress was Trudy’s wedding dress, complete with the orange blossom crown. The clothes in the film were really fun! But, minor gripe here, did anyone else think that Tilly’s red shoes at the ball game had really modern heels?

  7. I just got to see this (thanks Amazon Prime!). I LOVED IT! It was a lot funnier than I was expecting and so many lovely references (Hugo and Priscilla, Strictly Ballroom matadors) and I have to say the Liam scenes were wonderfully HOT.Truly a very good movie!! Oh, and the costumes…brilliant!

  8. finally got to see this. Such beautiful costumes. My mom used to have a hat very similar to the one Tilly wears in the first scene. That hat flattered any one who put it on. ANd I agree with a poster above – she would have been wearing a longline strapless bra under the unzipped dress.

  9. Re-watching it right now. Just laughed my ass off at Gertrude’s Wedding Dress scene. It’s the right amount of dark and sad and hilarious and sexy. I would love to wear, even for a moment, so many of these clothes. This movie is utterly fabulous.

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