2 thoughts on “Roots (2016): Part 4

  1. Ok, at the risk of (again) putting my foot in my mouth re this program I have to ask about the African American soldiers not being armed. Were they literally meant to just be used as canon fodder or something? How do you fight in a war unarmed? As a Canadian this isn’t directly my history so I just don’t know this.

    As for Anna Paquin’s costumes this is so not my period, I’ve never been drawn to the 1860s (until 1868 and the dawn of the bustle). They look pretty nice to me but I do find the super tight fit of some blouses/bodices over her corset a little off-putting. Especially the one under the zouave jacket and how it awkwardly puckers/blouses above the upper edge of the corset. Good fit does not equal so tight you can clearly see each bone of the corset underneath. Anyway, I realize this is a nit-picky gripe, I just think it detracts a little from what are otherwise overall quite lovely ensembles.

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