5 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK: Behind the Scenes Pt. 4

  1. I love me a Venn Diagram! Thanks for another great Snark Week, ladies! I’m just sad that it’s almost over. (Sad Trombone)

  2. Now I wanna see all your behind the scenes for this weeks “Clutching of the Pearls” over your OBVIOUS DISRESPECT TO THE MILITARY (please note the heavy sarcasm here and for any troll, I come from a very military family and don’t fault anyone not liking the heavy testosterone fest most military movies end up being)

    I didn’t comment because your firewall doesn’t seem to like me this week. lol (trying again)

    1. Heh, fodder for yet another installment of this series, for sure!

      (And bummer about the firewall — I keep trying to get adjustments to it but seems like it’s an all or nothing thing, ugh.)

      1. I think it’s personal because I like 2005 P&P.

        Y’all are like, anyone who likes that movie can’t comment, and are just using “The Hack” as a convenient excuse. 😉

        It’s time to fess up. 😂

        Also, people disguise their IP address to comment on a BLOG?!? Good grief Charlie Brown, that’s dedication.

        I am WAAAYYYYY too lazy to go to such lengths. 😂

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