13 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK RECAP: The King’s Favorite aka Diane de Poitiers (2022), Ep. 2, Pt. 3

  1. I think you’re all courageous to have the conviction to see watch this abomination. Because I’m pretty sure this qualifies as a legitimate defence for murder.

    Judge: LadySlippers why did you kill another flower in cold water?

    LadySlippers: I was driven mad because I watched this movie.

    Judge: Ahhhh yes, you are pardoned as it’s a justifiable crime.

    Yeah… I couldn’t do it. So thanks for taking one….. million… for Team FF.

  2. Diane is the robot! It knew it had to fake a death of its identity as Diane, but it cannot die! It has been taking on the guise of beautiful women throughout the ages in order to manipulate the history of France. 50 years ago, it got lonely and created a companion and gave it the face of one of its favorite characters, thus Isabelle Adjani began her artificially intelligent acting career.
    Vive Diane de Robotiers!

    PS Mary Stuart, Queen of Brigadoon.

  3. The chief lessons I’ve learned from this cringefest are: steer clear of bad costume dramas and excessive facial fillers.

  4. You know what? When I die I hope someone lovingly drapes a silk tulle veil over my head for The Look™. If I end up a spectre I want something dramatic to flip around in my ghostly wake.

  5. Gee they should have put THE SUPREME EQUERRY aka Lieut. Col. Johnny Thompson in for the Highland dancer. The man sure looks fine in a kilt. I was hoping when Henri went off and joined the choir celestial, suddenly Diane would look totally ancient chrome. And I preferred Crowley and Azaraphael Tudor togs. And Diane’s pseudo black and white Brocade, let ive seen the fabric somewhere else.

  6. I’m grateful that you sat through this eye-wateringly awful show for us!

    On the plus side, I’m sure I’m not the only Frocker (Flicker?) who’s been inspired by your recap to search out some actual facts about Diane de Poitiers? Surprise surprise, she was a much more interesting person who led a much more fascinating life than in the series. A show that dug into her complex relationship with a man she first met when he was 7 or 8 and she was 28 (!!!), the confidence Henry as king had in her as an adviser so she even signed documents on his behalf, her own construction projects, how she raised one of Henry’s illegitimate children – gee, what a fascinating TV series that would be. Sigh.

    PS I got even more annoyed at the WTF ending of the show having seen the evocative François Clouet drawings of Diane on her Wikipedia page which show her as attractive but never beautiful – but everyone knows a woman can never succeed on the basis of her intelligence and personality, only on her looks, right?

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