9 thoughts on “WCW: Diane de Poitiers

  1. Those photos of Adjani looking young and dewy had me hightailing to Wikipedia: the gal is effin’ 67 years old!

  2. The Adjani flick was panned by critics and viewers in France, I’m afraid it’s pure snark week material!

  3. I love Ludivine Sagnier as Diane in “The Serpent Queen”; she’s a charming, effervescent, but tough-as-nails antagonist for Catherine.

    1. Out of all the Diane’s, Ludvine Sagnier’s the one who looks the most like what I’d imagine the historical Diane during her ascendency to have looked like as well as the correct age mature and not freakishly vampiric as certain others on the list (ahem).

  4. Legend had it that Diane drank a daily tonic of gold chloride mixed with diethyl ether, with the idea that it would keep her looking young and beautiful. Unfortunately, it not only causes anemia (which would explain the porcelain complexion) but It likely killed her. When her remains were found in 2009, her hair contained more than 500 times the normal amount of gold, and her bones were much more fragile than they should have been, as gold aggravates osteoporosis. Don’t try this at home, kids!

  5. Unless the Isabelle Adjani miniseries is about a time traveler who accidentally kills Diane de Poitiers, then has to build a Diane de Robotiers to prevent a catastrophic butterfly effect in the historical record, I’m not buying that anyone in the 16th century was that smooth.
    Also, the IMDb entry plot description describes her as an “emeritus huntress.”

  6. I’m not a fan of Adjani, especially with that expressionless plastic face but at least they casted an actress who is older than the actor who play Henri II ! That’s a progress !

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