9 thoughts on “Amsterdam (2022)

  1. I really wanted to like this because of the cast but I found it to be tediously dull; a ton of pointless meandering, side plots that barely go anywhere, end game villains who I called from the first time they appeared onscreen and way too long a runtime. That being said I want to own all of Libby’s clothes (and that perfect berry lipstick shade) and Robert De Niro was a bright spot amidst some very middling performances.

    1. Fair warning, T. Swift’s role is essentially a glorified cameo; she’s maybe in 15 minutes of 2+ hour film.

  2. I remember thinking that Zoe Saldana has never looks more ravishing then she does in this movie even though she’s in workaday suits and coats!

    1. What is going with Margot Robbie’s hair? It looks like a 1970s feathered ‘do instead of something from the 1930s.

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