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  1. Diane and I’m not sure it counts but it’s Betrayed with Gable set during WWII involving the Dutch Resistance

  2. I’ve always had a soft spot for Lana. I love her pairing with Clark Gable in Honky Tonk!

  3. That makeup in Marco Polo reminds me of Star Trek. Did MP visit the planet Vulcan?

    1. It’s the same makeup they gave Myrna Loy in those “Asian villainess” roles she did early in her career, like THIRTEEN WOMEN and MASK OF FU MANCHU– before she became “America’s ideal wife” after teaming up with William Powell in the THIN MAN movies.

      It’s just eyeliner drawn down at the inner corner, plus eyebrows slanting up at the outside. And yeah, it’s pretty much what they did with “cat women” and later Vulcans on STAR TREK.

      In other movies like THE GOOD EARTH, they went with actually altering the upper eyelids with pieces put over them– which really wasn’t much more convincing, and just looked like white people with badly swollen eyelids.

  4. 3 Musketeers, I think, but Diane was also pretty good. There’s a name for those stupid head pom-poms, but I can’t remember it; probably the most authentic costume piece in the film — except for the base.

  5. I know they’re technically not tit swag, but those faux Tudor accessories frame her quite well.

  6. This was bugging me all day– that shot from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941) didn’t really look like Lana Turner. The face was kind of “off” even though the hair seemed right.

    And it’s not Turner– it’s actually a shot of Ingrid Bergman with Frances Robinson, who plays Ivy’s friend Marcia.

    I’m not even sure if Beatrix Emery and Ivy have any scenes together in the film, other than in those weird, potion-fueled sadomasochistic fantasy sequences where they’re getting whipped like horses. (What was Victor Fleming on?)

  7. I love Green Dolphin Street! I feel like no one has ever heard of it. It was hard to find for a while. Really beautiful story of sacrifice and love and life not going how you expected.

    I’ll have to look up Diane.

  8. There’s an interesting story for why Lana’s dresses all have cleavage pins in The Three Musketeers. Apparently the censors thought she was showing too much décolleté, so costume jeweler Joseph of Hollywood made the pins so they wouldn’t have to scrap Lana’s costumes. Joseph of Hollywood was also a longtime friend of Walter Plunkett, and collaborated with him on all of his projects.

  9. Lana Turner and Ava Gardner had both been married to Artie Shaw, the band leader. They would get together and discuss his abusivness towards woman and their awful experiences with him. Lana and Ava got along very well. A couple of great gals who survived Shaw’s wrath.

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