14 thoughts on “Jojo Rabbit (2019)

  1. This film encompasses such difficult subject matter, but I think Waititi handled it masterfully. So poignant.

  2. I loved this movie, I laughed and cried. The costumes were beautiful and I particularly loved little Archie Yates, he stole every scene he was in. And Sam Rockwell broke my heart. Great movie but I don’t think I can watch it more than once.

  3. It is a fantastic movie and a great lesson in handling sensitive issues in comedy with layers and nuances. I’d heartily recommend it to anyone.

  4. Haven’t seen it yet, but — fair warning: Ms Johansson has made it very clear that she hates “scarjo” as she considers it lazy and disrespectful.

  5. Scarlet Johansson was superb in her role as Rosie. Rosie was warm, light hearted, and loving towards her son. Rosie was also tolerant when Jojo was being intolerant and it appeared she knew her son would come around. The costumes Johansson wore were even better!

    Overall, I was not sure how I would feel about this movie but I enjoyed it. I also cried at times. A movie worth seeing — if if war movies aren’t your thing.

  6. I am contractually obliged to watch this, being from Taika’s home town, but I haven’t. I’m worried I won’t be able to unsee it. I can’t watch war stuff, I know it was bad times. But lovely to see the stills.

    1. I can’t watch war stuff either, but I loved this movie! There is just one battle scene toward the end, and it’s OTT ludicrous like that red cape — the absurdity of evil, to misquote Arendt.

  7. I wanted every single one of Rosie’s outfits. I also liked how her rather distinctive shoes become an important plot element later in the film.

  8. You will be pleased to learn that Rosie’s knit jumper that you loved so much, is actually a 1940’s pattern! Known as the “Rainbow Jumper”, it was part of Britan’s “make do and mend” campaign, encouraging women to use up all their spare scraps of wool or remake old jumpers. If you really want to nitpick you could say that Rosie is wearing a British jumper pattern in the middle of wartime-Germany, but I am just impressed that they made the jumper using a period pattern.


  9. About the paper uniform on a ten-year-old soldier: I found that a particularly dark bit of comedy that aptly illustrated the absolute madness of the Nazi German war effort. A similar real-life example is the fact that a large portion of the Hungiaran army (on the side of the Axis powers) was sent to the Russian front equipped with boots that had SOLES made of CARDBOARD. That was just a small factor in the catastrophic loss of life that inevitably followed.

  10. OOh, I was too busy to catch this when you posted it–so glad to see you got around to it. It is a humorous, arresting, incredible film which I found deeply moving and compelling, as well as quite funny. It’s a bit hard to recommend to people (you have to set it up, I think), but I thought it did a tremendous job capturing what it set out to do, and with great performances and costumes to boot.

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