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  1. Haven’t watched this yet but the description reminds me of Jasper Fford’s Thursday Next book series.

  2. I love it. I am deep into the MCU, and am currently re-reading House of M on Kindle anyway, so…. I have seen tons of people say it’s boring or they don’t get it and that’s fine, it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. That doesn’t make me stupid because I DO like it as someone I know told me. Just let people enjoy things, sheesh.
    Have you heard the theory that “Vision” is actually Mephisto? That’s intriguing. I mostly hope Wanda is stark raving and we gets lots of drama, but I’m not sure that’s where it’s headed as apparently there will be some sort of invasion? Anyway, I’d down for it.

  3. Damn. I don’t have Disney+ and actually don’t even have a way at present to GET Disney+ .

    I’d have to get some sort of add-on like a Roku stick just to give me an app for it (my “smart TV” clearly has some gaps in its “education”), but this is almost enough to cause me to break down and get it.

    EMMA CAULFIELD (Ford)!!!!!

    I really appreciate the way you’ve managed to avoid anything that constitutes a spoiler, while giving a tantalizing look at the show. You’ve managed to not reveal much more than the sneak preview trailer and promotional materials for the show have put out.

    BUNNIES!!!!!!!! (Man, I hope that goes where I’m hoping it’s going…)

    And the period costumes/hairstyles are accurate and look great, especially on Elizabeth Olsen.

    I find it kind of weird that this sort of story structure is confusing to some people, given the film PLEASANTVILLE and the short-lived TV series HI, HONEY, I’M HOME! that preceded it (and flipped the premise)– plus numerous individual “stuck in a TV show version of my life” episodes of shows like SUPERNATURAL.

    I guess I could see people confused and pissed that Disney+ did a HUGE pre-release buildup of their tentpole MCU television series (“Better than the NETFLIX Marvel shows, because WE’VE got the REAL stars!”), then led the roll-out with something that’s seemingly such a weird digression.

    1. Holy heck. I haven’t thought about “HI HONEY I’M HOME” in…forever. Wow. Thank you for that.

  4. The Vision was one of my favorite MARVEL comics characters back in the 70’s and 80’s (before they ruined him); and I’ve just loved Paul Bettany’s live-action incarnation of the character. I could watch Bettany playing Vision all day and all night; and I can only hope they haven’t killed him off for good in the MCU.

    So I’ve enjoyed WandaVision for Bettany’s role; Olsen’s acting, the mystery of why Vizh and Wanda are stuck in SitComLand. I could take or leave the sitcom elements; I never liked the 1960’s sitcoms, in particular the convention of main characters doing a mad scramble to prevent or fix an embarrassing situation. (Vision should never, ever, be confused with Darrin of “Bewitched”).

    It’s great to see Emma Caulfield onscreen again!

    I plan to see all the episodes, of course…

  5. I’m in for it if I can find it. I saw most of the original sitcoms, so it should be fun. I’ve seen most of Marvel’s (and DC’s) output, so I have some idea what’s what.

  6. I fangirled HARD over the episode 1 dresses. They wear bullet bras! The people behind the scenes know proper foundation garments are essential for a period look! (happy swoon)

    Was also amused how I dated episode 2 just from Wanda’s hairstyle.

    1. I would have loved to see the costumes from episode one in color – what collar was that darling cocktail dress? WHAT COLOR IS THAT FABULOUS PEIGNOR!?!?!?

      1. Netflix released a (much too short) costume “behind the scenes” clip on YouTube that shows some filming shots. The house dress is mint green and I love it! I hope they release more of that.

  7. Woohoo! I’m so excited you covered this show, but I was a little disappointed that you didn’t analyze the costumes more. Will that be happening in future posts?

  8. I quite enjoyed it–I’m not well-versed in the backstory, being basically an MCU fan, but I am glad to be along for the ride. I quite liked the costumes so far–I imagine they won’t be as fun when they get closer to what I have memories of, but presumably we’ll know more about the plot then.

  9. They put out a couple featurettes on the marvel YouTube channel including one on the costumes that show the costumes in color. They also briefly mention the need to design the color scheme of the costume around the fact that they were shooting in black and white (not enough for my taste but oh well).

  10. I am.old, so I saw all these shows when they were new, not on Nick at Nite.

    The Dick Van Dyke Show was early 60’s, not 50’s. But this show began with a reference to the opening scene in which Rob Petrie (Dick) either falls over the ottoman or nimbly avoids it. Perhaps because most of those sitcoms were throwaway fluff and the Van Dyke show was actually good.

    In episode two, Wanda shows up in slacks. Which Laura Petrie (Mary Tyler Moore) famously rocked, breaking the spell of housewives in shirtwaists, heels and pearls.

    When not watching TV, which was much more limited in those days, I was reading my brother’s comic books. DC was already showing its age, with Bizarro World my favorite bit. Marvel Comics were fresh and new. I left home and the later 60’s took me in a different direction. Fanboys on YouTube have filled me in on some of the weird evolution of later Marvel comics, in great detail.

    I am a fan of the MCU films. And will gladly tune in to Wanda’s further adventures. Doled out week by week, just like the old days…..

    1. Thank you! Dick Van Dyke show was 1969-1965. It overlapped with the first year of Bewitched. Laura was in Camelot era chic when not in slim trousers and flats with a Jackie Kennedy bob (which got less bouffant as time progressed). She was never Lucy/Donna Reed/June Cleaver. The show was influenced by Dick Van Dyke Show (to the point where the producers talked to DVD himself as a consultant) but episode 1 aka “In front of a live audience” is set in the 1950s.

  11. Thanks for these posts! I am LOVING WandaVision and love that my favorite blog is talking costumes!

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