8 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK: Trystan’s Favorite Snark Week Memes

  1. So much good stuff this week! Whatever would you do if movie and TV producers all started taking costumes seriously?

  2. And then there’s all the unforgettable snacks from North and South. TitsOut is still one of my favourites

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the memes!

    From January 1st I’m like ‘Is it Snark Week THIS week? No? How many more days do I have to wait???’

    Sadly I don’t have a lot of friends who get the references, but I’ll be bombarding the costuming fans in our local Steampunk community with memes for a while to come.

  4. The striped dress meme from 2022 should have also included the dress Annaleigh Ashford’s character wears in the famous train scene. That fabric was really getting use from the BBC.

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