10 thoughts on “Why Metal Grommets Are the Visible Panty Lines of Historical Costumes

    1. If you’re rehabbing an existing garment, sure, cover ’em up. But when starting a new garment, give handmade eyelets a try — they’re not that hard, & even someone like me, who despises hand-sewing, can do ’em!

  1. this is one of my biggest pet peeves in reenactment clothing, too. zippers are probably the biggest.

    tiny, discreet black ones bother me less.

    Watched Luther and it was interesting, and the men’s clothing was decent, and the few women that were in it were OK, until his wife comes on the scene, and the front of the dress is unexceptional. Fitted pretty well, apparently made of wool, with linen where appropriate and whatever, and then she turns around. It’s on the screen for like, 2 seconds, and there are GIANT FREAKING GROMMETS. Like, the kind used for tarps. My husband had to get me a cold compress and a stiff drink.

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