3 thoughts on “Watch Casanova on Amazon & Help Decide If It Makes the Cut

  1. Have you seen the Fellini Casanova with Donald Sutherland? It’s one very dark and perverse take on the story.

  2. I was so sad that this didn’t make the cut!!!! I still watch the first episode over and over because I just DROOL over the costume and sets. It has even more richness and eye-candy than the showtime borgias! And the outlander only had a a few episodes which were at this level in season 2. I can’t believe people watch that preposterous mellow dramatic grossly historicaly inaccurate ‘versailles’ but they don’t watch this jewel which is quite entertaining. You just can’t play around that much with a kings life as you can with casanova’s. I just cringe to watch Versailles and the way depict history and real historical people.
    Excuse while I continue to weep over this show being discontinued like a bad breakup! :(
    Isn’t this the most visually beautiful 18th century that’s come out in a while?
    I mean how many times can a watch and rewatch the duchess for the background members and sets??
    (Certainly not for Kiera)

  3. And one more reason why I love this is because other than the main star of the show, they pick people who really look like they belong in that period. Again, unlike the duchess, the tudors, the white queen, Versailles, so on and so forth.
    Holliday grainger was amazing as lucrezia unlike the girl from the other Borgia series. She not only acted the part but looked it too. If you look carefully at even the background actors in this show they all look physical feature wise as they should from the 18th century. Don’t you agree? Just go to the scene where louis’ mistress is being follow by some people in the beginning and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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