4 thoughts on “MCM: Antonio Banderas

  1. I’m surprised you forgot 13th Warrior. Accuracy? What accuracy? Banderas has a butt and I really don’t know what the movie is about at all.

  2. You ladies make a fellow blush, so I won’t go on about Catherine Zeta-Jones. It’s not a period piece, but Senor Banderas has a lot of action in “Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever,” where he fights against, then with, Lucy Liu. But nobody takes off any clothes, so…

  3. I LOVE Antonio. I will admit that often, when I see pictures of him, I hear part of that old SNL sketch in my head- the one where he (i.e. someone pretending to be him) is hosting his own tv show and begins to take of his shirt, and the band cries “No! No, it is TOO SEXY!!” then there is a pause, and *fake* Antonio goes “But I must.” That is how I think of him- he’s almost too sexy to look at…but I MUST.

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