10 thoughts on “Galavant, You Didn’t Watch It for the Costumes, but…

  1. GIven it was a four week filler series (that are increasingly popular right now), on regular network TV no less, I give them a solid B+/A- for effort. Like you said, it’s historical enough for the European fairy tale feel and deliciously silly in story and musical numbers. I’d say ABC has a solid in the win column.

  2. I started watching Galavant (honestly, just for the hunky Joshua Sasse. *swoon*) expecting it to be a total trianwreck, but was pleasantly surprised! I’m missing it already and am excited for season 2.

  3. Raise your hand if your OTP from the show is the Chef/Gwynne (That’s Daisy from Downton’s character’s name).
    *raises hand*
    No one else?
    (also I am proud he wears the best hat.)

    1. Look in the back – I’m raising my hand!!! Those two were adorable, and had some of the best songs – which they performed beautifully. Who knew Daisy has so much musical talent?

  4. In the second season there is a reference to the necessity of chemises that made me tingle. In order to encourage two characters to hook up, Galavant steals their “under blouses”, arranges a dinner with the three of them, and gets called away with an urgent crow. It is fantastic.

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