6 thoughts on “Indian Summers Costume Recap: Finale

  1. Decided that I am buying the DVD. Just want to see Madeleine’s clothes and wonder about why the Nawab was really there. Is he a forerunner of the maharajah’s visit in season 2 that I read about. If so oh boy Indian court dress. Magnificent saris, jewellery and maybe a mistress or two. Hope Madeleine is back for season 2.

  2. I thought it was rather well-thought-out that the murderer turned out to be Bhupinder. HE was the wearer of the white Indian clothes & footwear. They had shown him always lurking and taking note of things, so much so that I was expecting him to discover Aafrin & Alice in the shed!

    The Nawab was there, I think, to negotiate concessions. That’s why the Viceroy was pissed at Ralph walking off and leaving him to deal with.

  3. Thanks for the great caps…loved loved loved the costumes in this series and am happily scouring Ebay for similar pieces… :)

    1. …I came back to add that my fashion highlights were Alice’s orange dress/grey-and-white striped dress (I NEED that dress!!) and Madeleine’s checked trousers/Bakelite earrings :)

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