6 thoughts on “Indian Summers Costume Recap – Episodes 5 & 6

  1. In one respect, the costumers have had a better time of it because the tropical colours for the men are still used today. Not so long ago, one could go to Abercrombie and Fitch and get any of the men’s tropical outfits only slightly changed to reflect more modern cuts.

  2. Maybe Madeleine and her brother are secretly rich, and MB (Madeleine’s Brother) put out rumour so scare off Ralph. But will Aafrin and Alice end up like the biracial couple in JEWEL IN THE CROWN? Forget tigers, Sarah would make an ideal snack for Drogon. He then can finish off with Cynthia.

    I agree about the reuse of clothes, but would like to see both Alice and Madeleine in something more daring in Alice’s case and teal in Madeleine’s.

    Of course, Jaya is Sood’s wife. This is a soap opera.

    Can IBW be tiger bait? Or we could transfer him to Kings Landing for Joffrey to ‘Ned Stark’? ?

  3. No, Jaya wasn’t Sood’s wife, I think. But his goose is so cooked, it doesn’t matter much.

  4. Having watched this when it was first released, one suspects that part of the reason I dropped out was Aafrin – I really have very little sympathy for his dilemma in having a rather lovely young lady raring to be his fiancée, only for him to suddenly decide that it wasn’t HER he liked, only the thrill of Forbidden Fruit.

    Actually that might only be the tip of the iceberg as far as this show’s “Too many jerks” problem is concerned (My recollections are dim, but I remember spending too little time with characters I actually liked).

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