2 thoughts on “Indian Summers Costume Recap: Episode 2

  1. I’m enjoying INDIAN SUMMERS immensely. My favourite characters are Madeleine and Aafrin. I love Madeleine’s clothes sense. But dying to find out what Cynthia has revealed to Ralph. Madeleine’s style rivals that of another American, one with less money to spend. I’m speaking of Wallis Warfield Simpson, Duchess of Windsor. Alice is what a well-bred ‘virgin’ should wear. Boring, dull and pedestrian. Sarah tries too hard.

    1. Yes! Madeline is totally Wallis Simpson (I said the same thing in my recap of episode one). And I too am dying to know what secrets lurk behind Cynthia and Ralph’s relationship, and also Madeleine and her brother seem to have some secrets too…

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