7 thoughts on “Indian Summers Costume Recap: Episodes 3 & 4

  1. This show has captured my interest. Not only fantastic clothes, but impressive acting. It may be a suitable stand-in for Downton for next year. My favourite characters are still Madeleine (redheads stick together), Aafrin, but I too want to shag George Clooney, er Ramu Sood. Back button clothes can only mean –servants. Still want Sarah to be tiger food. Madeleine’s more Princess material than Duchess, unless Duke is a Royal. Next year there’s talk of a maharajah visit. What’s with Alice and Aafrin???

  2. The local PBS channel runs Indian music videos on Sunday. Don’t care about the content, but I love the colours. I think the Viceroy’s wardrobe come close to being the ‘official uniform’ of his post.

  3. And later, when Alice and Aafrin (separately) have to testify about the shooting, she wears a very formal, very snooze-y suit — but with her hair down again. The hell?

    Exactly. You would think a woman of Alice’s age and who had been living in England for years, style her hair circa 1931-32.

  4. Given that the only way for an actual human being to be more of a living epitome of British Epitome would require them to be a reigning monarch, you’re d*** right His Excellency will be wearing the pith helmet.

    Who do you think he is, a Prime Minister? A mere MP?

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