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  1. He is indeed lovely, isn’t he? (And yes, in person he does seem like a nice guy.) I admit, I’m not sure whether I’m terrified of him in The Patriot or deeply attracted to him… you know, the whole murderous psychopath thing not withstanding.

    Have you ever seen him in Passionada? Not a period piece but… well, I showed it to several girl friends on a cold summer’s night and we had to step outside after the food tasting scene in the kitchen.

    1. ” I’m not sure whether I’m terrified of him in The Patriot or deeply attracted to him”

      Can one not be both? Indeed, SHOULD not one be both??

  2. I lasered onto him in the “Patriot” trailer! (Who? Is? That?) You didn’t mention those glacial blue eyes. He was beyond gorgeous as Hook, and made a marvelous Malfoy, esp. in the last two parts, looking like he’d come off a month-long bender (what? I like scruff). For reluctant hero, good guy Jason see PBS’s “Case Histories” set in present-day Edinburgh, ex-cop turned private eye. The producers make sure that his character gets beaten up a lot, necessitating the removal of shirts (they’re not dumb). Bonus: every single bit of the series is excellent. Hope they make more. Thanks, hadn’t heard of “The Conspiracy.” But I don’t know if I can handle 16th-c. Jason…

      1. You want shirtless? Then you have to watch Dig. It must have been in his contract to get his kit off every episode. And completely nekkid in one…

        I’ve met him. He really was supernice. ?

  3. You forgot “Good” It’s pre-WW2 during the rise of the Nazi party. He plays a character who’s a Jewish psychiatrist, and Viggo Mortensen plays a professor who gets swept up in all of the party politics. It’s amazing and it broke my heart!

  4. There’s a western where he plays evil rapist preacher. Forgot the title, hated most of the movie, but he was good, if a bit OTT. And he is great fun as the baddie in Divorcing Jack, though that is a modern movie.

    Peter Pan was the movie where I first noticed him. Those eyes! And I must check out The Conspiracy!

  5. Showed Dragonheart to my eighteen year old little brother just the other day. Reduced him to a sobbing mess.
    I’d completely forgotten Jason was in it until he swaggered on screen!

  6. The Conspiracy has costumes to die for (I had the opportunity to check some of them pretty close and the level of detail was amazing), and one of the best portrayals of Philip II of Spain(Juanjo Puigcorbé in the film) I have ever seen, very nuanced, and IMHO probably the closest to what we know of the real Philip so far. (Still waiting for what we will see of young!Philip in “Carlos Rey Emperador”)
    Plus Jason’s portrayal made me lust after a figure of my country’s History I despise (Antonio Pérez) so yes, I recommend it!

  7. Can we appreciate the photoshop skills on that first Lucius picture? I wish they hadn’t cut the scene of him at home in OotP that the second picture came from. Another baddie I loved was Roman Castevet in last year’s Rosemary’s Baby. Not period, but he looked fantastic in the wardrobe he had, he was cunning, and he looked sexy as hell smoking those cigars.

  8. Update: if there was nothing else going for ‘The Death of Stalin’ (which is so not the case), it would be worth it just to watch Isaacs as Marshal Zhukov tossing off his greatcoat and tugging down his uniform tunic with more-than-two-dozen (truly) medals on it, in slo-mo. “Right! What’s a war hero got to do to get some lubrication round here?”

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