6 thoughts on “Downton Abbey Season 6 SPOILERS

  1. I’ve never particularly liked Edith, but Julian Fellowes seems to take great pleasure in screwing her over every single season, so it would be LOVELY if for Christmas she got a proper happy ending.

    I think the Bates baby will survive. Fellowes isn’t THAT cruel. I hope.

    The costumes on this were so much lovelier when it was in the Edwardian era. *sigh*

    1. I loved the Edwardian costumes, but this show has made me really enjoy 1920s clothing in a way I thot I never would. Especially Edith’s sportswear! She looks so very smart in the final 2 seasons (just as everything goes to hell for her, story-wise). But Mary’s sportswear is totally dowdy & frumpy. She’s only a few years older & yes she’s married, but she’s also supposedly the ‘pretty’ one with better prospects, so I don’t get why her non-evening wear is always ugly.

  2. I’m actually MORE excited to watch this season than I was previously! Sure it’s more of the same, but at least some things are HAPPENING. Last season felt very “holding pattern.”

  3. Why is everyone feeling sorry for Edith, gosh she’s the worst! Remember when Carson had a heart attack, everyone was so panicked, she whined about her ruined dress. And yes, Mary might have gone too far telling on Edith but didn’t Edith write the embassy about the untimely death of Mr. Pamouk (sp)?! I actually dislike Edith more than I do Mr. Barrow!!!

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