7 thoughts on “The Other Catherine the Great (2015) Comes to Amazon

  1. Talking about the wigs and hair reminded me of doing family research and coming across Hair Powder certificates. Thought of you guys immediately and figured you would know what they were.

  2. I’m trying to watch it now. Right now I’m watching the first episode.

    The jewellery isn’t period and The costumes are IMHO mediocre but some are lovely. I cannot understand why there are errors in costuming. Actual garments worn by these Tsaristas are found in the State Hermitag, Palvolsk and Gatchina collections.

    So far i prefer the other Catherine actress which can be seen on Amazon.

    I do love Elizabeth Petrovna.
    Why does not she have a miniseries?

  3. Hasn’t been shown here; will look for it on Netflix. Ironically, in the other version, while historically, Katherine was German, Helen Mirren is Russian (nee Mironoff).

  4. “NON-SHITTY HISTORICAL PAINTING.” Wow. That is almost unheard-of, and I’ve never understood why. (Even Mr. Darcy’s painted images were pretty bad in the 1995 “P&P.”)

    Also glad to hear and see that Elizabeth is played by a strappingly handsome actress, since she was said to look great at her transvestite balls, so to speak.

  5. It is looking to me like one more of those Russian mass products. I have already watched many of these poor swashbuckler films produced in Russia during the 2000s after some success (in Russia naturally) of a movie about Peter the Great at Poltava. All the dialogues are mostly so stupid that it’s hard to hear it and not turn mad. Sometimes I thought that the German translations were the problem, but the dialogues just fit the amateurish scripts and storylines.
    As a film enthusiast it is interesting for me to watch even this crap, but I will not pay for it.

  6. I’m on episode 5 of it now. My God this is awful! Ekaterina was much, much better & sexier, especially with Season 2 & 3 when you can clearly see they had a substantial budget increase for costumes & hair.

    However, Season 3 of Ekaterina decided to film in obviously Victorian Gothic Restoration locations, which threw me off several times. I don’t get it since Season 2 filmed in gorgeously accurate 18th century locations, so why the change?

    Haven’t seen the Helen Mirren version yet, cause you guys said it sucks. Lol

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