6 thoughts on “WCW: Polly Walker

  1. OMG, those beach pajamas. I need to lose, like, 60 pounds and then find/make a set. Yes to a complete review of Poirot. They were always perfection!

    1. I need to lose the 60 lbs and have the excess bat wing skin removed from my arms. Thanks nana… :P

  2. Have to agree about the beach pyjama set, it is beyond gorgeous, except I need to lose not only 60lbs but 30 years! Polly Walker has long been a favourite of mine, and was at her absolute best in Rome. Mind you, I think the entire cast of Rome was superb, it’s one of my favourite box-sets. Another two excellent reasons for watching this version of The Mayor of Casterbridge – James Purefoy and Ciaran Hinds, enough said 😊

  3. My favourite Polly Walker film is Enchanted April. The costumes are TDF, the scenery is gorgy and The acting is top notch. Each member of the cast brought their A Game and it shows.

    If I could pick a second, I’m going with two: Restoration (I’ve a major crush on Charlie and his dogs) and Rome.

    Are you going to review Jenny Beavan’s new flick – The Nutcracker and Five Realms?

    I’m going to watch it for both Misty Copeland and Helen Mirren. Also the Clara actress was Renee Esmee in Twilight Breaking Dawn.

  4. I never could buy her as Jane Fairfax, maybe because she looks too naturally Fierce. Like, she would rip Frank Churchill’s face off for being such an asshole. IMA, bad-ass roles suit her better. ;)

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