15 thoughts on “Dressed in Black: 17th and 18th Century

  1. I tried to appreciate all the lovely and interesting things but I’m kind of still stuck on what the frock is that first set of “stays”? I feel like things would start to dig in… winces

    1. This is a sort-of copy of an iron 16th-century corset from a museum in Paris, only done in soft fabric. The similarity is too close to be accidental.

      I believe that (just like chastity belts!) many iron corsets are reckoned to be 19th-century or later fakes. There’s doubt also whether the few genuine examples weren’t corrective devices for people with spinal abnormalities, rather than fashion items.

  2. It’s hard to choose a favorite. I’ll definitely say no to the boob-star stays though.

  3. As noted in other posts, Puritans did NOT wear black; it was too costly a colour and would have been considered too extreme by them. They wore greys, greens, browns and a colour called “murrey,’ which was probably a mulberry shade.

  4. Monica Bellucci in brotherhood of the wolves FTW! We don’t see her that much in the movie, but every time it makes an impression. First because she’s fabulously (un)dressed, but also the Vatican spy/assassin gives it quite a vibe.

  5. You missed my favourite in Marie Antoinette: the black dress with white fur.
    There never seem to be any decent photos of this costume, only a few screen grabs, I’d love to see more! Well, it’s black AND white, maybe not gothic enough, but looks beautiful!

  6. You missed the black dress with white ermine collar in Marie Antoinette ;'( It’s black AND white, but there aren’t many photos of it, mostly a few screen grabs, but it looks gorgeous, and I’d like to see more of it.

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