7 thoughts on “TBT: Marie-Antoinette (2006)

  1. Marie Antoinette is one of my favourite frock flicks. The other is Wings of the Dove. Milena Canonero is a Costume Ghod, along with Sandy Powell.
    What I enthuse over in this frock flick is Marie’s growth Fashion-wise from a young girl to the supreme Fashionista that she was. Also how the film played with eating cake. The dresses Kirsten Dunst wore as Marie Antoinette were the best eye candy ever. Made me want to go out and eat ice cream.

    1. Milena Canonero is in a class of her own. I found the costumes of Wings Of The Dove to be deadly dull and forgettable.

  2. KENDRA!
    Gurl, this movie is EVERYTHING!
    And the Vogue Sept Issue that was alllll up on this…..BEST. ISSUE. EVER.

    *listens to the Ceremony album on a seamless loop*

    1. I tore all those pages out of that issue of Vogue (back when I still bought the Sept & Mar issues of Vogue every year) when I culled it and am pretty sure I still have them all. So gorgeous!

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