13 thoughts on “TBT: Sleepy Hollow

  1. It seems we can be friends!
    Must admit I went to see that one to watch Depp fainting at every turn… And, well, Tim Burton aesthetics never really disappoint.
    But yeah, costumes to die for. That stripey dress both fascinates and terrifies me: I want one, but I’m certain I can’t handle those stripes!

    1. All that fainting was hilarious. I recently finished watching the movie, and I just LOVE all of the costumes.

  2. It grieves me that rarely do I see this film come up in must “top ten” to watch for this season.
    Why does contemporary horror have to be the go to? Le Sigh.

    I simply adore the catalog images of the gowns close up – Thank You! : )

    I generally fancy a gradual leading up to seeing Sleepy Hollow on Halloween – from
    Crimson Peak, Agatha Christie’s Poirot’s Hallow’een Party, Arsenic and Old Lace, to Le Pacte de Loup/Brotherhood of the Wolf, etc.

  3. The dress with tan and orange details is exquisite with the deliberate matching of the panels with the floral patterns in the bodice.

    This is a movie I watch at least once a year due to its aesthetic.

  4. Showdown!
    Who had the better costumes: Sleepy Hollow or Crimson Peak?
    (as a non-horror/non-spooky/don’t watch these movies movie-goer, I have no horse in this race)

    1. Hard to choose since they are different time periods! : ) It would be like choosing between
      Aristocrats and The Buccaneers!

      And, I’m with you on the non/horror aspects but spooky, yes please!

      (Fortunately both films aren’t typical horror-horror films with senseless gore – Does that help? – & Didn’t they have to use silly orange goo for the blood effects because of Sleepy Hollow being shot with a blue filter?)

      Otherwise I would not be interested – is why I cannot really get into Dracula with Gary Oldman though I love him best in that role and really can never ever with films like 28 Days Later or Event Horizon despite adoring the actors/actresses in them.

      Sorry about the long explanation – but there had to be Malbec after work!

      1. Well, for me, Crimson Peak is miles above the costumes in Sleepy Hollow. Personally, theres something about some of the sleepy hollow costumes that I dont care for. Mostly that yellow and black gown, its too fantastical to me. Theres a costumer on youtube who just did a great brown suiting and orange and brown taffeta redingote which IMO is much more aesthetically appealing than the gown from Sleepy Hollow.

  5. Miranda Was Amazing in Sleepy Hollow! And of cours Johnny, and Christina, and Christopher and everyone!!!! Amazing

  6. I’ve always loved MS Atwood’s dresses for this film and enjoyed the movie immensely. Depp with the eye-microscope glasses is early Steampunk which pleased me no end. I keep waffling on my favourite dress – black and white stripe or the ‘Pre-Raf one. And I really cannot decide.
    This is a film I’m waiting on Halloween.

  7. I love this movie so much, in so many ways, but the utterly gorgeous costumes are a huge part of that. The entire thing is just so atmospheric and haunting.

    I watched it last week and drooled over the black and white dress, as usual. Shame we only see it for a few seconds of film but damn, if it’s not worth it.

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